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M25 Coombelands Addlestone

Post to the north Addlestone

Caxton Avenue
The houses at the north end this road date at least from the early 1930s and were adjacent to Coombelands Printers – some houses are described as ‘printers cottages’ and thus this was probably company housing.

Coombelands Lane
Company houses – some houses in the lane were built for employees at The Press at Coombelands in 1926,
Coombelands Farm. The farm was, or is, owned by DEFRA and used in conjunction with the Animal and Plant Health Agency.


Milton Rise
Ongar Place Infant School

Ongar Hill
Holy Family Primary School. This is part of some Brighton and Arundel Catholic ‘multi academy trust’.

Printing works. This was Benn Brothers The Press at Coombelands which covered the area now Redwoods and was set up around 1926. It is described as “a two acre mock Tudor facaded printing factory with 41,000 sq ft of space” surrounded by company housing. The company had been set up in the 1880s by philanthropist and politician John Benn. Initially it was a London-based magazine publishing house which produced technical journals. During the 1920s Ernest Benn employed Victor Gollanz who published art books and who attracted a series of high-profile novelists.  It also began paperback publishing in the 1920s.  The company was taken over by the Extel Group in June 1983. In 1987 it was taken over by United Newspapers.  Coombelands was eventually bought by Ian Allen the railway enthusiast publisher.  The site was sold for housing in 1998.

The Bourne
Also called Windle Brook and Hale Bourne.

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